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Amazing Love!

As you look at and think about what is happening in the world it can become easy to believe that God does not care. Just remember that God has already shown us His love in the most amazing way. He did not just blow us a kiss from heaven but He sent His Son Jesus into this world of pain, sickness, sin, suffering, and death to make it possible for people to be forgiven of their sins and have a relationship with Him. Jesus, who died for us, rose from the dead to give us a brand new life with God that lasts forever (even beyond this present world).

Because this is true, Jesus walks with us through the trials of this life filling our hearts with peace and joy that does not make sense. And one day He will return to make everything new, our bodies and this world, where there will be no more evil, sadness, sickness, or death - only eternal joy in His presence.

If you know Jesus then look to Him today and be blown away by God's great love for you. If you do not know Jesus then know that He came into this world to show you how much God loves you. Respond to His love today. This link can help you God bless!!!

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