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God, We Do Not Know What To Do But Our Eyes Are On You!(Prayer Journal 60)

God, You are awesome, great, and greatly to be praised. Your greatness is unsearchable and can not be fathomed. You are God alone and besides You there are no others. Forgive us for the times when we doubt You or want to receive the glory for things that are done in our lives. You have been too good to us and have shown us Your grace in unexplainable ways that have changed our lives now and forevermore. God, thank You for the hard things that You have allowed and caused in our lives to remind us of our desperate need for You and that keep us humble before You. Thank You for the confidence that You give us, in this world filled with chaos and confusion, because of Your ever abiding presence. Continue to remind us that even in the face of evil that You are at work in ways that we can not even begin to imagine.

God, move our hearts to pray to You about what is going on in our world (i.e. COVID pandemic, the crisis in Afghanistan, ethnic and racial tensions, political polarization, climate change, natural disasters, and wars). We do not really know what is going on, what to do, or even how to pray. But we know Jesus is needed by people in all nations that are experiencing and watching events unfold daily. I ask that You'd pour out Your Spirit and use Your Church to bring Jesus and His Kingdom in the midst of the chaos, confusion, death, destruction, division, hostility, fear, rubble, and war. There is no economic, medical, military, philosophical, political, scientific, or technological answer that can fix what is broken in America, Afghanistan, or any other nation. Jesus, You alone are the Prince of peace, the desire and hope of the nations.

God, reveal Your Son Jesus in the midst of what is going on and move in the hearts of people to see that they need Him. Unleash the Word of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ, to freely go to those who are broken, hurting, lost, and spiritually dead. God, as only You can bring freedom and deliverance to those who are slaves of sin and have been taken captive by the devil to do his will. Remove the blinders of the evil one from their minds and lift the veil of sin from their hearts as You shine the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, into their hearts.

God, grant President Joe Biden, and other national and world leaders, wisdom to make decisions that will lead to the saving of many lives from physical harm and death. Help them to realize that they do not know what to do and may that reality cause them to fall on their knees as they acknowledge their desperate need for Jesus. Place people around them filled with the Holy Spirit to give them godly counsel and wisdom. Move Your people to pray for our leaders rather than giving commentary and criticism. May we, followers of Jesus Christ, know that our hope does not lie in the reputation or status of our nation but in Your unshakeable eternal Kingdom.

God, in these days and times in which we live help us to pull away and get quiet before Your holy presence. How can the world ever know what You are saying if we, Your people, are not listening? Open up our ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church in this hour. Open our minds to understand Your Words and how they apply to the days and times that we live in. Open our eyes to see Jesus and Your activity in the world so that we can join You. Open our mouths to proclaim what thus says the Lord to a world that is confused and deceived by satan's lies. Open our hearts and bring us to complete and total surrender to Your will and purpose.

God, there is only one organism that You have entrusted with the answer to what ails the world - the Church of Jesus Christ. Use Your Church to take Jesus and His Kingdom into the areas and issues that have befuddled man in his wisdom. Bring Your people to the place where we fully avail ourselves to You so that we may serve Your purpose on earth in our generation as we minister the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to all those You send us to. We need You and so does this world that does not even recognize this truth. Do not let us go anywhere or do anything if Your presence does not go before us. Make us as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves as we walk in the authority and power of Jesus Christ. Amen!!!

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