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Jesus, our 'Yes' Brings the World What It Needs (You) - (Prayer Journal 132)

Father, in Jesus' name, teach us to number our days and to apply our hearts unto wisdom. There are so many opportunities that daily lie before us. Help us to discern what is from You from what is not. Grant us the grace to say 'Yes' to You and Your will, and 'No' to what is opposed to You and Your will. We cannot do anything apart from You. If Your presence does not personally go before us, if You are not ordering our steps, nor anointing us for assignments then do not let us go anywhere or attempt to do anything.

Lord Jesus, we need You and so does everyone in the world, whether they recognize it or not. Help us to recognize that no one needs us and that we are not and never will be the solution for what others need. There is salvation only in Your name. Use us to take You to the world. The Church is not the solution, but the ones entrusted with the task of taking You and Your gospel to the world. For You only are the hope of nations and the Savior of the world. Help us to live out the overflow of an intimate relationship with You as You use us to bring You glory and advance Your Kingdom. Keep us from getting distracted and entangled with the agenda and plans of men!

Jesus, grant us boldness and wisdom to make the most of every opportunity that You set before us to share You with those around us. Give us keen sensitivity to Your Holy Spirit, open ears to hear You speak, and an obedient heart to do Your will. May our focus be You even above how we desire for You to use us in Your Kingdom agenda. May we be a people who seek You and find You as we search for You with all of our hearts. May we truly know You and be strong and do great exploits in Your name. Use us to display You to all those we interact with and those You send us to. Help us to wait on You, to be silent before Your holy presence, and to only move ahead in something as Your Holy Spirit moves us along. Amen!!!

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