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We Need You Jesus! (Prayer Journal 81)

Father, in Jesus' name, we bless and praise Your holy and righteous name. You are our King, our Lord, and our God. You are the great One, the mighty One, the LORD. You are glorious and gracious. You are good and Your mercy endures forever and ever. You are the One and only true and living God. You are perfect in all of Your ways. There is none like You in the heavens above, on the earth below, and under the earth. You are the Sovereign Lord who is in absolute control of all things. You are the One who appoints the end from the beginning.

God, You are the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The Maker of all things visible and invisible. You are the One who spoke all things into existence and holds all things together by the Word of Your power. Your word that goes forth from Your mouth shall not return to You empty but shall accomplish what You please and prosper in the place to where You send it. You are not a man that You should lie and neither are You the son of man that You should change Your mind. For what You have said that shall You do and what You have purposed that shall you bring to pass. Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus, the Word made flesh, into the world to reconcile us to Yourself through Christ.

God, we would not exist if You had not made us and would be dead in our sins had You not sent Jesus into the world to save us. We can do nothing apart from Christ. Christ is the One who gives us life and strength to do all that You've set us in the earth to do. We are so desperately needy of You. There are times we find our wandering hearts drifting from You. We can not will ourselves out of the rut. We can not get our wheels unstuck from the mud of this world. We need your divine intervention like the disciples caught in the storm at sea. They would not have made it through the storm if You, Jesus, had not walked out to them on the water, calmed the storm, and safely led them to the other side.

God, show up in our lives in such a way that we and others know without a shadow of a doubt that it was You. If it is left up to us then we will give up and quit on You. We are so thankful that You have begun a good work in us that You will perform until the day of Jesus Christ. We do not want to live lives that we can explain but ones that are unexplainable because You are directing our steps and orchestrating the events of our lives.

You are the same God who brought the Hebrews out of Egypt with Your mighty right arm. You led through the Red Sea on dry land and in the wilderness for 40 years as You protected them and provided for their every need. You preserved a remnant that You faithfully took into the land that You promised to give them. You conquered armies and peoples that were mightier than them. All along the way You manifested Your glory, power, and presence among Your people.

God, just as You were very real and present with Your people in the past so it is the same today. You are our glory and the One who lifts up our bowed down heads. Help us to look to You as You encourage our hearts in the dark days in which we are living. How many times have You stepped in and turned everything around when it appeared all was lost? How many times have You pulled victory in the face of defeat? Show Yourself strong and mighty on behalf of Your beloved children in Christ. Do a work in Your time, in Your way, and for Your glory that will cause You be given thanks and Your great name to be praised ever the more. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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