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God, Do Not Let Me Live A Life That I Am Able To Explain! (Prayer Journal 98)

Holy Father, in Jesus' name, help me through the Spirit to live out the reality of these verses. Make me so heavenly minded that heaven invades earth through my life. O God please help me to stop wasting all that You've entrusted to me on temporary, trivial, earthly matters that have nothing to do with Your glory, gospel, Kingdom, and will. Most days I sit around waiting for something to happen rather than taking the initiative in the Spirit to make things happen. If I am honest I often do not do anything because I do not know what I should be doing. There is no real desire for You and the things of God. Thus no real urgency to represent You, build You Kingdom, and do Your will on earth.

God, grant me a desire for You that is infinitely greater than my desire for anyone or anything else. Do whatever You must to make me a man who is in hot pursuit of You regardless of what is happening in my life and in the world. Help me to remember that You are in control and at work in the world to bring about Your will and purpose in spite of what I hear and see. In the midst of what appears to utter chaos and confusion do not allow me to be distracted, drift away from You, and be lulled to sleep. Do not allow me to be moved by circumstances, situations, and things going on in the world. Let me only be moved by Your Spirit as You lead me down the paths of righteousness for Your name's sake. Cause the plans and plots of the enemy to unravel and help me, and all of Your children, to walk in the victory that is ours in Jesus Christ.

God, my life is not my own as You have purchased me with the precious, priceless blood of Jesus. I belong to You. Help me to give my life away to You for You to use me for Your glory. Do what You must to bring me to the place of surrender where with all sincerity I say to you 'Not my will but Yours be done.' I am so tired of living a life that I am able to explain and manage. I am so tired of wading into the water to my ankles, knees, waist, and at times even to my chest. Take me out into the deep water with currents and waves that are impossible for me to swim in. Waters that are so treacherous that I will only survive by trusting You, the God who sustains my life. Though I may not have the ability to help myself or know what to do help me to look to You, the One for whom nothing is too hard or impossible. For surely I would drown and be devoured by the enemy if You were not on my side. Thank You that I am more than a conqueror through Him who loved us. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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