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God, You Are in Control Despite What Our Eyes See! (Prayer Journal 85)

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Holy Father, in Jesus' name, You are the One and only true and living God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. You are the Maker of all things visible and invisible. There is none like You in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth. There is none other besides You. You are God alone and You alone are God. You are awesome, almighty, and altogether lovely. You are the great One who is greatly to be praised, whose greatness is unsearchable. Your greatness, God, no one can comprehend.

You are the King over all creation. You are the Sovereign God who is in absolute control over all that You have made, throughout all eras of human history, over all nations and kingdoms, and every individual life. Nothing ever happens without You allowing or causing it. You decree a thing and it is established. When You speak something it comes to pass for You are not a man that You should lie and You are not the son of man that You should change Your mind. Whatever You say that shall You do and whatever You purpose that shall You bring to pass. You are the One who predetermines the end from the beginning.

God, You are never caught off guard or taken by surprise. You are the all powerful One who is the ultimate authority. Thus there is no power in heaven, earth, or under the earth that could undermine Your Kingdom purposes. You are the all knowing One who is free to do whatever You want, whenever You want, and however You choose. Only as the Sovereign King could You give free will to Your creatures and still cause Your every plan and purpose to be fulfilled perfectly. You have no rival and You have no equals. So much so that even what the devil does cannot undermine, block, stop, or thwart Your purposes from being fulfilled in the earth and for all of eternity. You are all good without a trace of wickedness in You, yet You even can use wickedness to bring about Your good purposes and eternal glory to Your great name.

God, You are incomprehensible. We will never fully know You or understand You even as You bestow upon us greater knowledge and understanding of who You are. One day we will be like Jesus, yet we will never be Him. For the rest of eternity we will continually be blown away by Your matchless holiness and majestic splendor. Cause us to live in this world in a continual state of awe and wonder for Your great love lavished on us now and the hope that is yet to come. Give us holy encounters with Your Son Jesus daily that cause us to remain in Your love and far from the world.

God, Your Kingdom agenda is hitched up to Jesus and no one else. He alone is the hope of nations and the Savior of the world. Jesus, You are needed in this dark, divisive, hate filled, hostile, war torn world. By Your Spirit be at work in the hearts of people preparing them for an encounter with Jesus as they hear and receive Your Word. Pour Your Holy Spirit upon Your Church and send us out to bear witness to the Lord Jesus. We pray that in the seeming chaos and confusion of our world that You will draw many to Christ as they come to experience Your love, peace, forgiveness, eternal life, hope, freedom, healing, and salvation. Thank You that there is a day coming when You will make everything new. In the brokenness of this fallen world, we long for that day. Until it comes may we be found faithful as You've given us the undeserving privilege to partner with You in Your Kingdom agenda. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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