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A Prayer for Our Children (Prayer Journal - Excerpt 9)

Father, we thank You that You are at work in our children's hearts and lives despite what our eyes see and the lies that we are bombarded with from the evil one. God, we are asking You to pour Your Holy Spirit out upon each and every one of our children. For those who do not know You yet, we ask You to convict them of their guilt concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment. Convince them of their desperate eternal state and their need for Your forgiveness, healing, life, and salvation. Grant them the knowledge of Your unfailing and unconditional love as You reveal Jesus to them. Remove the blinders of satan from their minds and lift the veil of sin from their hearts as You cause the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ to shine into their lives. Capture our children's hearts and set them ablaze with a passion for You that the world, the flesh, and the devil will never be able to quench. Cause the fire in their hearts to grow with an ever-increasing intensity until it becomes an uncontrollable raging inferno which causes them to burn brightly for Christ in this dark world. We pray that the children that You have given us will shine like stars in the universe in the midst of a crooked and depraved generation as they hold out the word of life. Use their lives to spark the flames of salvation and revival in the hearts of others. O God, grant our children undivided hearts for You and teach them the fear of the Lord. We ask that You would have the preeminence, priority, and first place only in their lives. Grant our children hearts that are more desirous of You than anyone or anything else. Drain their hearts of the love of this world and fill their hearts to overflowing measure with Your love. Give them a love for Your Word as their minds are renewed and their lives transformed by Your grace and truth. As they are empowered by the Holy Spirit may they live lives that are pleasing to You. Give them friends who know You and love You that they may spur one another on in their pursuit of You and Your purpose for their lives. God, we ask You to protect our children from the attacks of the evil one. We ask You to cover them with the blood of Jesus and grant Your angels charge over them. In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, we declare that no weapon formed against our children shall prosper and we condemn every tongue that rises against them in judgment. In the midst of ungodly philosophies and worldly wisdom, grant our children discernment and a heart for the things that are godly, holy, righteous, true, honorable, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and worthy of praise. By the powerful working of Your Word and Spirit, destroy every demonic stronghold in their lives, destroy every argument and lofty opinion in their minds raised against the knowledge of God, and take every one of their thoughts captive to obey Christ. In the midst of a rebellious world, help our children to honor us. Grant us Your heart of love for each of our children. Give us Your wisdom to train them up in the way that they should go that they will not depart from You when we release them from our care. Grow us daily in our relationships with You so that our walk with You is worthy of them emulating. God, help us not to anger our children but to bring them up in the fear and instruction of the Lord. Grant us Your heart and empower us to serve them, pray for them, speak Your Word to and over them, and point them to Jesus. Forgive us for the things that we have done that has given them a distorted picture of You and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Show us the sins that we have committed concerning our children that we need to confess to You. O God, raise up other adults who will pray for, pour Your Word into, and reinforce the things that You are using us to impart to our children. We ask You to give us other families to live out this life that You have called us to in Christ together. In Jesus name. Amen!

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