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God, Give My Wayward Children an Encounter with Jesus! (Prayer Journal 136)

Holy Father, in Jesus' name, I bless and praise You my God and King. For in spite of what I feel, see, and think You are worthy. When I look at and think too much about the lives of some of my children I get discouraged. They seem like they want nothing to do with You at all. I ask You to give them an encounter with Jesus as You convict them of their sin and turn their hearts away from their sin to You. If you do not then they are going to do everything that they can to indulge their sinful nature, frolic in the filth of this world, and follow after the devil who wants to destroy their lives and lead them to hell.

Jesus, find my children just like You found me. Set them free from being slaves of sin and captives of satan. May they be reconciled to God through faith in Your great name (who You are and what You've done for them through Your death on the cross and resurrection from the dead). Save them and capture their hearts before they face the horrific consequences that accompany their sinful choices. Even right now would You reveal Yourself to them in ways that they cannot refuse, resist, and deny. Remove the blinders from their minds, lift the veil from their hearts and cause the light of the glory of Your gospel to shine into their hearts.

God, give my children a desire for You that is infinitely greater than their desire for anyone or anything else. Set their hearts ablaze with a passion for You that the world, the flesh, and the devil will never be able to quench or extinguish. May Your fire consume their lives so that everything not like You is burned off of them as they are conformed daily to the image of Christ. Do not allow my children to live passively in this world as they drift away from You. Cause them to live intentionally by Your Spirit in hot pursuit of Jesus on their way to heaven. Give them a hunger and thirst for righteousness and satisfy their souls with Your goodness. Give them a desire to daily spend time with You in Your Word, in prayer, and to live life with others who know You and love You. Drain their hearts of the love of this world and fill their hearts to overflowing measure with love for You.

God, grant me boldness, courage, grace, and wisdom to raise my children, with intentionality, in the fear and in the instruction of the Lord. Bring healing and restoration to the areas of hurt and misunderstanding between my children and me. Help us to forgive another as You in Christ have forgiven us. Turn our hearts to You and then to one another. Take everything that the enemy intended to harm us and turn it for our good. Take over and do what only You can do in my children's lives and my family for Your glory. I am at a loss as to what to do and cannot do anything apart from Christ. I am asking You to grant us a breakthrough as only You can.

Jesus, help me to yield to and wield Your authority against the demonic forces loosed against my children. There must be an amazing calling on my children and family for the enemy to be fighting this hard. Thank You for strengthening me for the fight. Do not allow me to give into the temptation to throw in the towel. Help me to fight for my children from the position of victory that is mine in Your powerful name. Amen!!!

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