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God, Be Glorified in My Life. For All the Glory Is Yours Alone! (Prayer Journal 181)

Father, in Jesus' name, I want to thank You for Your heart of love that never grows cold towards me. You are so unlike me. I make plans to spend time with you in Your Word and prayer. Only to find myself wasting precious moments on worldly entertainment and consuming the indulgences of this world. In those moments I can often think that I can't help but to give in to this old sinful flesh. Yet there is deliverance and victory available to me through Jesus Christ my Lord.

You have not left me to finish the work that You have begun in me. For You have given me the indwelling of Your Holy Spirit. Forgive me for failing to submit to You, for yielding to temptation, and giving into my sinful nature. Lord, I need You! You are the One who has freed me from the penalty of sin through the death of Jesus. You are freeing me from the power of sin by the life of Jesus in me. You will free me from the very presence of sin when Jesus returns.

Jesus, You are my rock and my refuge. I am so easily moved but You and Your Kingdom are unshakeable. Help me to continue to look to You, the Rock that is higher than I. Thank You that You are my glory, the One who lifts my head. You have given me victory from defeat, life from the dead, light in darkness, hope in despair, peace in chaos, and joy in sorrow.

God, I am so thankful for Your presence in my life. You will never leave me nor forsake me. You will be with me until the end of this age. I am never alone, never outnumbered, and never at a disadvantage. For if You be for me than who can be against me. You are a super majority all by Yourself and You are the Lord of heavens armies. Open my eyes that I may see that there are more for me than there are against me. Though the enemy advances, You stop him dead in his tracks. So that Your purposes are manifested and accomplished in the earth even through my life.

God, You have never been dependent on anything or anyone and You never will. Everyone and everything are dependent on You. You are Almighty God! There is absolutely nothing too hard or impossible for You. All things are possible to the one who believes. I believe Lord yet help my unbelief. Bring me to the place where I want You and what You prioritize, and purpose more than I want Your blessings in my life. Even as I pray this there is a longing for You to use me in your priority and purpose being accomplished more than just longing for You and what You want being done. May the focus of my prayers and life be You and Your Kingdom and not the part that You've assigned me to play in it.

God, in the beginning there was You and everything that exists came into being because of You. You thought it all up and brought it all into being. Because You have, we daily get glimpses of You in and through Your creation. You did not make things and people for the things and people to be glorified. You created them so that You would receive the glory for and by the things and people that You made. The glory is Yours alone. Be glorified today! In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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