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God, Set A Fire to My Soul! (Prayer Journal 146)

God, I am asking You to revive me again and use me to carry Your Presence and Your Words. Use me to spark the flames of revival in the hearts of my brothers and sisters in Christ and win many in this generation to Jesus. Set my life ablaze like the burning bush so that people will encounter and experience You. May Your consuming fire in me cause them to stop and take notice, like Moses did, as You give them a glimpse of Your glory and speak.

I am so tired of just reading about the great exploits that You've done and are doing in the lives of others. Do it again in and through my life as well. You are not partial, and You have no favorites. You are pleased by any person who lives by faith. Help me to daily hear what You are saying and then to do it. Forgive me for so often being like Israel's first King Saul. He heard Your instructions through the prophet Samuel but allowed what his soldiers wanted and his own thoughts to take precedence over Your Word. This cost Saul the kingship. I do the same and then wonder why I am still stuck in the wilderness instead of walking in Your power and promises.

God, I have been walking with You for too long to still want You to treat me like a spiritual baby. Like a baby bird I just want to sit in the nest doing nothing as I wait for You, like a mother bird, to bring food to me every day. You have given me Your Word and put it deeply in my heart so that I can get out of the nest and fly on eagles' wings. Give me boldness, like the Apostle Peter, to step out of the boat and walk to You on the water based on Your Word to me, even though it does not make sense. For Your ways and thoughts are higher than mine as high as the heavens are above the earth. Do whatever You must to get me out of the nest. Tear it up, make it uncomfortable, take me over to the cliff, and throw me over so that I will finally soar.

God, help me to be faithful in the little things that You may entrust me with much. I often fail to do so then complain that You've forgotten about me. I often think that I am waiting on You when You are waiting on me to do what I know to do. Make me a man who knows and loves my God and is strong and does great exploits. I am waiting for You to do something spectacular, to say something revelatory when You are waiting on me to simply obey. Forgive me for the poor stewardship of what You've entrusted to me, for my lack of integrity, for my gluttony, for my failure to submit myself fully to You and Your will, and my longings for the accolades of the world more than the commendation of Christ. Thank You for not giving up on me, not changing Your mind about me, nor removing Your love from me. In Jesus' name. Amen!!!

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