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A Proper Perspective in the Pandemic

We are living in unprecedented days and times. The coronavirus has affected each and every one of our lives and multitudes throughout our nation and around the world. These are days of confusion and great uncertainty that have brought fear, panic, and great loss to many. Yet in the midst of it, let's remember that Our God reigns over the nations and is fulfilling His purpose in the earth.

As our lives and schedules have been altered, I sense the Lord saying to 'Be still and know that I am God!’ As believers, this is a time for us to repent of our sins of looking to things other than Him, and to return to Him with our whole hearts. In doing so, He wants to remind us that Jesus is our only hope both now and for all of eternity.

There are multitudes of others that have put their hope in things such as government, economy, careers, money, and health. These things can't help them nor save them. God is working in this pandemic to prepare their hearts for Jesus. And in this, God is also preparing our hearts to take the hope of Christ to them.

Let us pray: God help us to be focused on you, that we may worship you and serve you through this storm. For truly You are our help and our salvation. In Jesus name! Amen!

Below is a recent interview that I did on Moody Radio Cleveland to remind us to focus on God.

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