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God, Bring Fatherhood Back and Restore the Family! (Prayer Journal 133)

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

God, only when men recognize You as Father do we have any idea of what it means to be a father. This can only happen as men are reconciled to You through faith in Your Son Jesus. A revival of fatherhood will not occur through educational or governmental programs, resources, and strategies. For there is no forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, restoration, or salvation found in them. Only in Jesus are these things found. And only in Jesus can generational curses be broken and generational blessings be established and flow to men, their children, and future generations. Use Your men to take Jesus to men who do not know You as heavenly Father and have wounds from their earthly fathers. May these men know Your love for them and your healing of their wounds.

Father, I pray that great multitudes of men will come to You through faith in Jesus. Raise up an army of men who will wholeheartedly love and serve You and their families. Make fatherhood a badge of honor that we men wear proudly as we take up the responsibility to train up our children in the fear and instruction of the Lord. Make us men who treat women with dignity and honor as we commit to love one woman for the rest of our lives in the covenant of holy matrimony. May we honor You with sex reserving it from this point forward as a gift You've given us in marriage with our wives. May You cause the foundations that are ruined to be rebuilt and established again as men lead their families under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Amen!!!

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