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God Do Not Let Me Miss Anything That You Have For Me As You Give Me A Fervent Heart For You. (Prayer Journal 177)

Father, in Jesus' name, there was once a time when I desired You more than anyone or anything else. Yet now it seems like I am drifting away from You on the current of apathy and indifference. I crave comfort and convenience far more than I long to be conformed to the image of Christ. I want You to use me more than I just want You. I want to be in control of what You using me looks like rather than surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus. I am so easily swayed from You by changeable temporary things when You are the unchangeable One who is my Rock.

God, You have invited me to sit at Your banqueting table and feast upon Your delicacies. But it seems like I am only enjoying the scraps that fall from the table onto the floor. If that were all that I received then that is infinitely more than I deserve. For all I deserve is to be banished from Your presence with the eternal torment of a starving soul never being satisfied. The scraps from Your table are better than anything that this world has to offer. Yet I want everything that You have made available to me. Do not ever let me be satisfied settling for anything less. I know that when I choose to listen to the lies of the devil, follow the ways of this world, and give into the lusts of my flesh that I am not able to enjoy all that is available to me in Christ. Help me to confess and repent of my sin.

You have an assignment that You want to use me to partner with You in fulfilling Your purpose in the earth. I am not able to prepare myself for it or do it without You. You will not force me to do it either. You want me to willingly cooperate with You in the process. So that You can do to, in, and through me what otherwise would not be possible. I will be stuck in this place for the rest of my days on earth unless You help me. I need You, Jesus!

I want to be desperate for You like a dehydrated man needing a drink of water. Cause my soul to long after You the way that the deer longs for the water brooks. Stir up my heart to hunger and thirst for Your righteousness. Make me a man who truly understands the bankruptcy of my soul without You so that mine will truly be the Kingdom of heaven. At times it sickens me how much that I hold back from You when my whole life is Yours. I often fail to open doors to areas of my life where You long to come in and dine with me.

It seems like the days when I use to get lost in Your Word, prayer, and worship are a distant memory. There was once a time, in the early years of knowing You, when I was desperate for You. I did not care what else was going on or what people said or thought. I just wanted You. It seems that as You have blessed me with more things that I have stopped chasing as fervently after You. Bring me back to the heart of worship where it is all about Jesus. That it does not matter what I gain or lose because I truly know that He is all that I need. Help me to focus on Jesus, to love Your presence, and to get lost in worship as I am intoxicated by Your Word and Spirit. Fill me to overflowing measure and help me to always avail myself to You so that You may use me to share Christ with others. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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