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Lord Direct My Steps to a Closer Walk with You! (Prayer Journal 187)

Father, in Jesus' name, thank You for the reminder today that You see me and that You have not forgotten me. You are with me every step of the journey, every single day of my life. You are providentially leading my life even at times when I am unaware of this reality. My goings are of the Lord. How then can I understand the way that You are leading me? You are preparing me to walk in deeper intimacy with You and as a result to fulfill the assignment that You have for me in Your Kingdom agenda.

Give me greater clarity as to what that is. Help me to hear Your voice as You speak to me and not turn from Your path to the right or to the left. Do not let me be distracted from You and Your will by what may appear to financial gain or loss. You are my faithful provider and You have promised to supply all of my needs according to Your glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Do not let me do anything out of selfish ambition or pride. Move me to pray about and in everything as I ask You to bend my will to Yours.

Help me to truly know that my identity, purpose, and significance are in the Lord Jesus Christ and not in my marriage, family, ministry, or work that You have assigned to me. Bring me to the place where I realize that Jesus is all that I need, and may He be all that I want. If I were to lose everything that I have in this world tomorrow, then bring me to the place where I count it all joy because I know You, the only true God, Jesus Christ who You have sent and have the gift of eternal life.

God, I am not the only one who desperately needs You. Each and every person, whether they recognize it or not, needs Jesus. I pray that You would loose, untie, and ride me to carry Jesus to those who do not know You. Prepare them for a holy encounter with Your presence through my life and ministry. As the angel of the LORD was in the burning bush, Your Holy Spirit is in me. Set my life ablaze with Your consuming fire that causes my life to burn for You but not be burned up. May others, like Moses at the burning bush, find themselves on holy ground and hear Your voice calling them into the destiny and purpose that You have for them even through my life and lips. Anoint me to preach to them Jesus Christ as Lord and me as a servant for Jesus' sake. Amen!!!

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