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God, Forgive Us For Not Seeing Life As You Do! (Prayer Journal 79)

Father, in Jesus' name, You are the God of justice and mercy! You do not show partiality and favoritism to any. You have created each and every human being in Your image and likeness. That means each and every one of us have the same intrinsic value. There are none that You have created that are more valuable than others and there are none that You have created that are less. Not only are we all made in Your image but You paid the exact same price to ransom and redeem every soul - the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Yet, our passive indifference, disobedience, and rebellion against You has led to humanity being alienated and hostile towards You and one another. Instead of defining our value and worth from You, the One who creates and redeems, we define it by the things of the flesh and the world. Things such as: the color of our skin; ethnic groups; nationalities; gender; the countries that we live in; the amount of money that we have; the neighborhoods that we live in; the level of education that we have attained; how we dress; the kind of cars that we drive; the homes that we live in; the food that we eat; our physical appearances; our political preferences and the form of government that we live under; the number of friends that we have in reality and on social media; the types of jobs that we have and the list goes on and on... In doing this we have failed to see that these are gifts from You to glorify You and to bless others. But apart from knowing You through Your Son Jesus, we will always look to these things to compare ourselves with others. Leaving us with either a sense of superiority or inferiority to others.

Father, help those of us who are Your children through faith in Your Son Jesus, to realize that Christ is our new identity not just as individuals but as One body. Empower us to live out our unity in Christ, in our manifold diversity, in such a demonstrative way that people will know that You sent Jesus and love us even as You loved Him. Help us to love one another, Jesus, as You have loved us so that the world will know that we truly follow You. Use our lives in this world to affirm the dignity, honor, and worth of each and every human being as we stand against immorality, injustice, and inhumanity any and everywhere that it happens in our world. Send us out to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the multitudes of people who do not know You so that many will receive new live in Christ and have an eternal place in Your Kingdom. Those whose lives are marred by sin will be renewed in the image of God.

As we look to You, the Author of Life, may we clearly see the value of every human life beginning with the preborn baby in the womb who too is created in Your image. Move us to defend and rescue their innocent lives from the horror of abortion. Move upon us, by Your Spirit, to confess and repent of our participation, complicity, being in agreement, and silence as innocent blood has been shed in this nation and the nations of the world in unfathomable proportions. Use us to take the good news of Jesus Christ to mothers and fathers of preborn babies; to men, women, and families impacted by abortion; and even to those who perform these heinous acts of inhumanity. God, have mercy on the United States of America for our killing innocent preborn babies to the tune of nearly 63,000,000 by law since January 22, 1973.

God, not only have we killed our children to serve our idols and false gods, we are blatantly flaunting sexually deviant lifestyles that are in direct opposition to Your Word and the way You created us. We have disregarded You and yet are audacious enough to still ask You for Your blessing as we walk in pride, oppress the needy, poor, and weak, and turn a blind eye to immorality, injustice, and inhumanity. We have lips that are near You and hearts far from You. Yet we live like You will continue to wink at our sin rather than reveal Your wrath to us from heaven for our unrighteousness. In this hour revive Your Church and use to snatch many out of the fire of Your eternal wrath as we lead them to righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ. Bring a great shaking, the greatest spiritual awakening before Christ returns to bring judgement to the wicked and rewards for the righteous. In Jesus' name. Amen!!!

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