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God, Humble Us Before Your Greatness! (Prayer Journal 31)

Holy Father, in Jesus name, thank You for bringing us to this time in human history and the truth that no matter what we face that You have promised to be with us. You are good and You are great. Your mercy endures forevermore and Your glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. O God, help us to be mindful of Your unlimited power and immensity, and the truth that no heights, no depths, no widths, nor breadth can separate us from Your unfailing and everlasting love.

Your greatness, like the expanse and depths of the oceans and the mysteries of the universe can not be fathomed. Generation after generation can search the oceans and the heavens until the end of time and yet will never be able to discover and exhaust the fullness of Your creation (which has a limit). You, God, are infinite and for the rest of forever Your creatures will only be scratching the surface in knowing who You are and what You have done in Your wonderful works of creation and redemption. You are more awesome than we know for Your greatness is unsearchable.

God, we so need You! Forgive us for easing up on our pursuit of You to chase after temporary things that will make us comfortable and less dependent upon You. Break us of all the things that we've made it about that distract us from and overshadow You. God, we are so thankful that You know us infinitely better than we know ourselves. Thank You for not allowing us to go places and do things that we wanted and keeping us in some hard places to refine our character. Thank You for caring so much more about us being conformed into the likeness of Jesus than us just using the gifts that You have given us by Your grace.

O God, we need a mighty outpouring of Your Holy Spirit, Your Word to be loosed throughout the earth, Your glory to be revealed, and Your light to shine in these dark days. Separate the wheat from the chaff and cause the true church of Jesus Christ to arise and shine in this world. God prepare us to stand in the face of the evil one's onslaught and persecution from people who do not know You. Help us to live for You in the midst of this difficult time and to hold out the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in the world who are living with great hopelessness and despair.

God, grant us a greater desire for You each and every moment of each and every day so that we run after You with reckless abandon until time blends into eternity. Then we will experience the fullness of joy as we are fully in Your presence. Lord Jesus come quickly and until You return empower us to live holy lives as we speed forth Your coming. Amen!!!

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