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God, I Confess My Desperate Need for You! (Prayer Journal 42)

Holy Father, in Jesus' name, I recognize that I am so unworthy of You. It seems like of late that all I have been doing is giving in to the desires of my flesh, drifting on the current of the world, and listening to the lies of the devil rather than Your truth. To be honest God I feel like I've quit on You. I am so tired of trying to live for You because I can not do it. All I keep doing is failing over and over and over again. Please teach me to live by the power of Your Spirit!

I can not love You and follow You on my own. To be honest I do not want to and it is absolutely impossible for me to apart from You giving me the desire and will to do so. Without Your divine empowerment, I can not love my wife as Christ loved the Church. Neither can I bring up my children in the fear and instruction of the Lord and I can not help but to frustrate them. It is not too often that I think of sharing Jesus with others and of late rarely do I actually do it.

God, why do You keep me here as I just continue to drift further and further from You? God, if You do not humble me before Your Majestic Presence, grant me an undivided heart, and teach me anew the fear of the Lord then I am afraid that I'll disgrace You and fall away. God, I need You to breakthrough in my heart and in my life or I am going to drown. I feel like I am going down fast, please help me. I need You Jesus to come to my rescue, where else can I go? There is no other name by which I've been saved. Capture me by grace, I will follow You.

God, I need You more than a drowning person needs air, a person falling out of an airplane needs a parachute, a starving person needs food, a dehydrated person needs a drink of water, parched ground needs rain, a sick person needs healing, a broke person needs money, a homeless person needs a place to live, and a person in solitary confinement needs companionship. Possessing all the things of this world that make life comfortable without knowing Jesus would still leave a person desperately needy. A person with nothing in this world but who has a relationship with Jesus has abundant and eternal life (absolutely everything necessary for this world and on into eternity).

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