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God, Lead me Through Open Doors for Your Purposes! (Prayer Journal 113)

Father, in Jesus' name, thank You for Your faithfulness, love, presence, protection, and provision to my family and me. You are good and You are great. Your mercy endures forever. I confess that I do not know what to do in this present moment. I need You now just as I have needed Your guidance and wisdom every step along the way. There have been so many moments where I have missed You thinking You were leading me in a direction only to run into a closed door. I often have thoughts and desires for what I'd like You to do yet more often than not I am not delighting in You as I ought. Cause the desires of my heart to flow from a heart that truly delights in You.

God, I ask that You open up a role for me to be part of a preaching team at a local church with the flexibility to exhort the broader body of Christ to uphold the Sanctity of Human Life and to hold out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Place me in a community and on a team that allows me to flourish in the gifts You have entrusted me to build up the Church and evangelize those who do not know Christ. Set an open door before me and lead me through it. For the doors that You open no one can shut and the doors that You shut no one can open. Thank You for Your abundant favor on my life, marriage, family, and ministry for the glory of Your great name.

God, I often feel so isolated not having any real fellowship with others in the body of Christ. I feel like You have kind of sidelined me in this season. I know that You do not need me and perhaps You have not used me much because I have not been all that faithful. When You have given me opportunities all I have done is complain, grumble, and tell You that I do not want to do it. Perhaps the present realities of my circumstances are the result of disobedience, sinful choices, and unfaithfulness.

God, I should be blown away and overjoyed that You have called me to co-labor with You by preaching the Word of God no matter where or to who You choose to send me. Forgive me for my blatant disrespect for You and discontentment with Your plans for me. You do not owe me anything but judgment for my sin. Yet You have poured out the riches of Your mercy and Your abundant grace upon me. Too often, I respond to You as if You and what You have done for me through the death and resurrection of Jesus is not enough. Cause my soul to have a godly sorrow that produces repentance that leads to salvation (living by the power of the Spirit to overcome the sinful desires of the flesh).

God, help me to rest in the truth that You have me right where You want me, and You are positioning me to be in the most strategic place for worship and service in Your Kingdom. Though the way that You have taken me has been hard and does not make sense, I know that You are using it to make me more like Jesus each and every day. Help me to love and trust You regardless of what I experience, hear, and see. Grant me a fresh encounter with Jesus that causes Your will and purpose to be revealed to me with greater clarity. Manifest Your presence and speak to me in such an undeniable way that will cause the trajectory of my life to being completely bent towards You. In Jesus' name. Amen!!!

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