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God, May My Life Be About You and Not Me! (Prayer Journal 145)

Father, thank You for Your guidance of my steps and Your plan for my life. In light of Your love, mercy, and grace abundantly given to me in Christ help me to freely and fully give myself to You. Drain my heart of selfish ambition and vain conceit as You fill it with a desire to please You and bring You glory. Bring me to the place where I desire and delight in partnering with You in the building of Your Kingdom and Your will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

Bring me to the place where there is no longer a fiber in my being that cares about advancing my cause, making a name for myself, or becoming rich in this world. I do not need better branding, a bigger platform, more exposure, or more money. Lord, I need You! Nothing else will truly satisfy. Not only do I need You but each and every person in this world does whether they recognize it or not. So, help me to wisely use everything that You've entrusted to me to bring You glory and lead to more people encountering You through my life, marriage, family, and ministry. Do not let me walk down paths that would lead me away from You and Your calling on my life. Grant me wisdom and great discernment for the people and opportunities that come into my life.

God, more than anything You want me to know You, long for You, seek You, find You, and love You with everything that I am. Out of the overflow of our love relationship You want to use me to make You known in ever increasing ways. Yet help me to wait on You to promote me for bigger assignments and greater opportunities. For promotion comes from You. Do not allow me to step outside of Your will trying to make things happen. I am in Your specially designed process that You are using to conform me more to the image of Jesus daily. Thank You for using me where You have me now as You are preparing me for greater things that are yet to come. Help me to trust You to fulfill Your purpose in me in Your time, in Your way, and for Your glory.

Do not let me seek You with the purpose of You changing my circumstances and situations to be what I want them to be. But help me to rest in the sufficiency of Your grace. Bring me to a level of contentment in You where the circumstances and situations of life do not hinder me in my pursuit of You and walking in Your calling. May I find great joy in surrender to You and submission to Your will. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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