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God, Use Us to Engage This World with Jesus! (Prayer Journal 150)

God, thank You once again for Your great faithfulness to Your covenantal people in Jesus Christ. Lead us by Your Holy Spirit and grant us greater knowledge and understanding of who You are and what You've purposed. Give us great wisdom as we live in this world and represent You. Please help us to be wise and faithful stewards over the time, talents, treasures, opportunities, and relationships that You've entrusted to us to glorify Your name, build Your Kingdom, and do Your will on earth as it is in heaven.

God, help us to live like Daniel did as an exile in Babylon. He was a man with an excellent spirit who lived and served among the ungodly while honoring You without compromise. Break us out of our spiritual bubbles of just living among Christians. Open doors and grant us great influence among those who do not know Christ as You are at work in many hearts preparing them for an encounter with Jesus through us. Make us as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves as we live in this world. Help us to convey Biblical truths in everyday language. Teach us how to speak the language of this culture/generation for the purpose of taking Jesus to those who are in it.

God, prepare many of us to live and serve You in neighborhoods, places, companies, and organizations that are considered 'secular' even by those who are not Christians. There is no sacred/secular divide for every inch of the earth in every inhabited and uninhabited place is Yours. You are everywhere present and can make any part of it holy ground, at any time, as You manifest Your presence. Help us as we are in this world not to be of it. As we follow the example of Jesus, may we be known as the friends of the 'tax collectors and sinners' of this generation. May we not live as they live but may the life of Jesus overflow through us to cause them to want to be around us, be free from their lives of sin, and desire to walk with You for the rest of their lives. Help us to trust that You are at work in people's hearts even when our eyes and ears are telling us something different.

God, though we may not know how You are at work in the earth may we be open and available for You to use us however You see fit. Put us in places that constantly remind us that we must desperately depend on You. While at the same time may we be greatly confident for You are with us wherever we are. Send us out into the harvest field!

Jesus, help us to remember that we are neither the Savior nor the Judge. We are only those who have been commissioned to point people to You the Savior, if they believe, or Judge if they reject You. Free us from the burdens of feeling like we have to save people or have all of the answers. May we just walk with You as You reveal, manifest, and speak to people through our lives and lips. For You have the words of eternal life. Everyone in this word desperately needs You. This is true regardless of whether or not they recognize their need for You. Fill us with wisdom and use us to win many to You. Amen!!!

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