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God, You Are Everything I Need! (Prayer Journal 194)

Father, in Jesus' name, thank You for reminding me that there is absolutely nothing that I can do apart from You. I do not know anything, cannot see my way through, am defenseless, will literally die, prone to wander, easily distracted, and unmotivated to do anything apart from You. This knowledge keeps me depending on You for everything. This does not feel good, and I do not like it, but it is the only way that I can experience true life in Christ.

Lord Jesus, help me to follow You exclusively, to know Your voice, and to not listen to or follow a stranger. You are everything that I need and supply all of my needs according to Your glorious riches.

Lead me in Your paths of righteousness to still waters and pastures with abundance of grass. You restore my soul. You protect me from the evil one and his schemes so that they are no more harmful than a shadow to me. Thus, I do not have to fear.

You personally accompany me every step along the way. You lovingly correct and discipline me when needed and come after me when I stray from the fold. There is great comfort in that. You are good all the time and You are always good to me. You do not give me what I deserve, and I have been granted access into the Father's presence by Your blood. How I long for the day when I am fully in Your presence in a redeemed body, in a new heaven and new earth for the rest of eternity. Help me to live in a manner that is worthy of You as I wait on that glorious day and hasten its coming.

God, forgive me for being envious and jealous of the anointing, assignment, and calling that You have given to others. That is really crazy because You have been good to me and have blessed me with so much. On top of that it is never about any human vessel that You use but it is always about You, Jesus. You will not share Your glory with another or Your praise with an idol. Not one of us is worthy of anything or can do anything apart from You. You are the source of our strength and the strength of our lives. We are nothing without You.

May no flesh glory in Your presence but may You be glorified through every member of the body of Christ as we surrender to the Lordship of Jesus. May each and every one of us lift up the name of Jesus. For there is salvation in no one else. For His is the only name given unto men under heaven by which people must be saved. Amen!!!

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