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God, You Are the Strength of My Life. My Trust is in You! (Prayer Journal 144)

Father, in Jesus' name, You are the source of my strength and You are the strength of my life. You are the air that I breath. You are my Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer. You are my Rock in a weary land and my shelter in the time of storm. You are my Refuge and my Strong Tower. You are the Savior of the world and the Hope of nations. You alone are God and You are God alone. You need nothing or no one and everything and everyone needs You. You are the self-sufficient One, for everything that You need You are. You are the self-existing One who is the source of Your own existence. You are the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Maker of all things visible and invisible. You are Almighty God and there is absolutely nothing too hard or impossible for You.

God, I get so tired, and I am so weak. It is so true that I am unable to do anything of eternal significance that brings You glory apart from You. Yet I can do everything that You have planned and purposed for me through Christ who strengthens me. These truths remind me that I always need You. There is not one moment of my life that this is not the case. I do not have anything apart from You. So, my only boast is in Jesus.

God, help me to daily walk with You in intimate fellowship as You strengthen me. Grant me knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for all that You assigned and called me to. Help me to keep my mind stayed on You as You keep me in perfect peace, as I trust You. Help me to fix my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith. Do not let me be overwhelmed by the affairs, circumstances, and situations that daily come my way. Let me be preoccupied and overwhelmed by Your presence with me and Your love for me. Grant me the grace to cast my cares on You for You care for me. Help me not to worry about anything but to pray about everything.

God, help me to wisely steward over the time that You give me and to trust that You are working in and through me to fulfill Your purpose. Forgive me for all the times that I give in to my sinful flesh. Help me to consecrate myself more fully to You. Grant me a great sensitivity to Your Holy Spirit. Open my ears to hear You as You speak. Open my mind to understand Your Word. Open up my eyes to see You and Your activity in the Church and in the world. Open my heart to receive Your Word in faith and obedience. Open my mouth and fill it up with Your Word and use me to speak it on each and every occasion. I pray this not only for myself but for all my brothers and sisters in Christ who have been set apart for Your pleasure and purpose. May we all serve Your Kingdom and bring You great glory. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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