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Jesus, Bring Me Back to The Place Where You Are All That Truly Matters! (Prayer Journal 103)

Jesus, bring me to the place where I realize that You alone are more than enough. Bring me to the place where You are not only all that I need but that You are truly all that I want. For You are the very air that I breathe, the source of my strength, and the strength of my life. I am not there and I confess my sin of believing that I need something else in addition to You to have a fulfilled and satisfied life. Forgive me for my idolatry as I live like people, things, and ideas are just as or more important than You. Bring me back to the heart of worship, where it is all about You Jesus.

Jesus, as the deer longs for the water brooks cause my soul to long for You. Bring me to the place where I am truly withholding nothing from You - that everything that I am and have is given over to You. My life is not my own. I belong to You. Do not let me live one more day with an apathetic, indifferent, and lukewarm heart that shrinks back in fear rather than moves towards You in faith.

Jesus, do not allow me to be caught up and distracted by earthly temporary issues that really do not matter but to be caught up and engaged in heavenly eternal things that matter most. For You, the King of creation stepped out of heaven's glory into this fallen world of sin, out of eternity into time, out of the worship of angels into the blasphemy, hostility, and mocking of those created in Your image. Though even the heavens, the highest heavens, cannot contain You in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. Jesus, You humbly did all of this to ransom and redeem the souls of people who rightfully deserve God's wrath for our rebellion and sin. You made a way through Your blood shed on the cross to bring us into the presence and a forever relationship with God. This is the only thing that should truly capture my heart and be the reason why the entirety of my life is given over to You.

Jesus, do whatever You must to wake me up from the sleep and slumber that I often find myself in. Awaken me to Your passion. Shake me until I snap out of this spiritual conundrum, get out of the spiritual La-Z-Boy, and get into the game competing as one who will win the prize. I am amazed and don't know why You are so patient with me. I know that I have disobeyed You, dishonored You, lightly esteemed You, and at times wanted this world more than You. Thank You Jesus that You are the author and perfecter of my faith and You always cause me to triumph. I am now more than a conqueror through You who loved me and gave Yourself up for me. There is now nothing in all creation that shall ever separate me from Your love.

Jesus, I am asking You to draw me nearer to You than ever before as You manifest Your presence in greater ways to, in, and through my life. Out of the overflow of our intimate fellowship use me to partner with You in what You are doing in the world. Do not let me continue to live aimlessly like a man just shadow boxing the air. Make me a man who daily fights the good fight of faith, a man who knows my God and is strong and does great exploits, and a man whose heart is made perfect towards You so that You may show Yourself strong on my behalf. Make me a man who loves You with all that I am and all that I have so that You truly have first place only in my heart and life. Help me to love my neighbors as I love myself with the love You've loved me with. Amen!!!

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