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Jesus, May We Find Satisfaction in You Alone! (Prayer Journal 134)

Father, in Jesus' name, thank You once again for Your great faithfulness to us. Thank You for the doors that You have opened and the ways that You have made. Some that, right now, we are not even aware of. Thank You that You are involved in everything in our lives, even the things that are mundane, ordinary, and routine. Help us to live cognizant of the reality that You are ever present and always at work. Even when our circumstances and feelings tell us otherwise. Help us to rest in Your Sovereignty and the truth that is found in Romans 8:28-29.

God, You are here with us right now. Please help us to humble ourselves before You, to be still and know that You are God. For besides You there are no others. You alone are God and You are God alone. Search us, O God, and show us our sin. Speak to us Lord, we need to hear Your voice. If we don't then we are at a loss as to what to do or where to go. Reveal Jesus to us in ways that we cannot deny, refuse, or resist. Be at work by Your Spirit in us causing us to draw near to You as You draw near to us.

Jesus, I sense Your Spirit asking each of us, "Are you satisfied with your life?" The answer for many of us, including me, is "No." For some, it is because they do not know You, the Source of Life. But for those of us who do, it is because we are looking to people and things other than You to experience satisfaction. How foolish is that when You alone are the River of Living Waters and the Bread of Life? Only You can quench our thirst and satisfy the hunger of our souls. We have been putting our hope in things of this world and given our hearts to idols (an idol can be anything that takes the place of God as the most important focus and priority in our life.) Forgive us for this gross sin and lead us to the place where with all sincerity we say "I don't want anyone else I don't need anything else You are my one thing. Just give me Jesus"

Lord Jesus, take Your rightful place on the throne of our hearts and rule over the entirety of our lives. Show us where we are holding back on You and move us to confess and repent of our sin. We need You more desperately than we even know. Bring us to the place of complete and total surrender. That in light of Your mercies to us we present the entirety of our lives to You only as our spiritual act of worship. Do not allow us to be shaped by the ideas and values of this world, that are hostile towards You, but to be transformed as our minds are renewed by Your Word so that we may test and prove that Your will is good, pleasing, and perfect.

Jesus, teach us to number our days so that we might apply our hearts to wisdom. May we be a people who abide in You, the true vine, as Your Word abides in us so that we may bear much fruit for the Father's glory. Grant us encounters with You in our waking moments and while we sleep. Give us dreams and visions of You, of what You have for us, and of what You have called us to in partnering with You. Give us holy boldness and courage to live for You even if no one else around us is. Break us from wanting to be popular with the crowd and loved by those in the world. Bring us to the place where all we want is to honor Your great name. May we live as a people who are jealous for Your glory, long to be in it, and see Your glory cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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