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Jesus, Pour Out the Latter Rain and Loose Your Word! (Prayer Journal 128)

Jesus, we pray for a mighty, torrential outpouring of Your Spirit upon the earth. Bring revival to the hearts of Your followers (the Church) and a great spiritual awakening to the world through the Church. Drench us with the rain of Your Presence, soak us in Your Holy water, and flood us in Your streams. Cause Your thunderous power to resound in and through our lives and like lightning may Your miracles flow through us as many are delivered, healed, and saved for Your coming is at hand.

God, loose Your Word that it may run swiftly throughout the earth. The reality is no one needs us to show up anywhere and to speak. We need You to manifest Your presence among Your people and for You to speak. Cleanse and purify us so that we can be Your holy vessels in and through which the glory and gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ freely flows. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit to overflowing measure so that Jesus will be on display and revealed to others through us. Write Your Words on our hearts in overflowing measure that out of the abundance of our hearts our lives are lived, and our mouths speak.

As You speak to us Lord, give us ears to hear You, minds to understand You, eyes to see You, soft sensitive hearts that respond to You in faith and obedience, and mouths to proclaim Your Word in the power, clarity, humility, and conviction of the Holy Spirit. Only You can stir up our hearts for You and Your mission. Shake us from our apathy, complacency, indifference, laziness, sleep, and drunken stupor and awaken us to Your passion and glory as You cause them to consume us. Like the burning bush, may we be consumed by Your Holy fire burning us yet not being burnt up.

Jesus, many of us need a fresh encounter with You, like Moses had at the burning bush. Ignite and spark the flames of revival in our hearts and use us to spark the flames of revival in the hearts of our brothers and sisters who are languishing in the desert. Just as You heard the cries of Your people then, You hear the cries of Your people now and You came to rescue. And now You send us! Anoint and use us to take You to those around us for You set people free. Amen!

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