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Jesus, Thank You That You Are Still Working on Us! (Prayer Journal 120)

Father, in Jesus' name, thank You for being faithful and the truth that You cannot deny Yourself. Thank You for Your great grace and that You are always at work to glorify Your name in the earth. More often than we realize it, You are working to, in, and through human beings who are not fully surrendered to You. Thank You for Your willingness to meet us where we are to bring us to the place that You have called for us to be.

Jesus, thank You for pursuing us and lavishing the everlasting love of God on us. Help us not to be shy about coming into Your presence and everlasting arms that are always open wide. Thank You for running into this world of sin, to be made sin, so that You could be the atoning sacrifice for our sin. If You loved us like that when we were Your enemies then there is no way that You would stop loving us now that we are Your friends who have been reconciled to God by Your blood shed on the cross for us. We are now dearly loved children of God adopted into His royal family through faith in Your name.

In response to Your overwhelming love, help us to daily give ourselves away to You. May we enjoy intimate fellowship with You as You use us to glorify Your great name. You have purchased us at a great price by the precious blood of Jesus. Our bodies are now Your holy temples. Jesus live Your resurrected lives through us with great glory and power as we surrender to You.

Help us not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought but to evaluate ourselves with sober judgment in accordance with the measure of faith that You have given us. Open our eyes to see the arrogance, pride, and overestimation of who we think we are or where we think that we are in You. Show us the spaces where we boast and brag of abilities thinking that we are able to accomplish things apart from You. Move us to repent of this and rid us of our pride, selfish ambition, and vain conceit. Do whatever You must to bring us to the end of ourselves that we may experience You and Your life more fully in us.

Jesus, we cannot open doors or do anything of eternal worth that builds Your Kingdom apart from You. We do not know what to do in the midst of overwhelming chaos and uncertainty. Help us to fix our eyes on You for Your purposes will prevail in our lives and on the earth. Open our ears to hear You as You speak to us. Give us soft hearts that are sensitive to Your Holy Spirit and obedient to Your Word. Make us people of prayer who partner with You as You unleash Your glory, power, and presence in the world. Amen!!!

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