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Loved by Jesus to Live for Him! (Prayer Journal 137)

Jesus, thank You for Your faithfulness, grace, love, mercy, and patience towards me. You are so good and have been nothing but good to me every moment of my life. This is what I know that I cannot do anything that You have called me to or bring You glory apart from You. I need You! Let me daily experience intimate fellowship with You as if I were laying my head on Your chest and hearing Your heartbeat, like the Apostle John. Like John, I too am a disciple that You love. In You, I am a beloved son of the Father.

Jesus, thank You for ordering my steps and turning my heart to You. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and grant me boldness, compassion, and wisdom to take the good news of who You are and what You've done to those You lead me to daily. Forgive me for the times when I relegate ministry to events that I am invited to or meetings with people that are scheduled in my calendar. I am Your ambassador every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year that You give me to live. I am Your ambassador to every person in every place that You send me to.

Help me to love You above everyone and everything else. May You have the preeminence, priority, and first place only in all things in my life. Bring me to the place where only Your Word and Spirit move me to do things. Forgive me for so often overindulging my body with food and drink and filling my mind and wasting time on the entertainment of the world. Too often, I live like as long as I give You some time in my days that You give me the freedom to do whatever I please with the rest. I do the same thing with money and possessions that You've given me. That as long as I give a certain percentage that the rest is mine to do with as I see fit. There is no longer 'me time or my stuff' for my entire life is Yours to be lived for You and Your glory. I do not own or control anything. I am a steward who is called to be faithful to You, the Master.

Jesus, when I live like this life You've given me is mine, then I grieve Your Holy Spirit. Would You cause this to grieve my heart? Give me a godly sorrow over this sinful attitude leads me to repent and return to You with my whole heart. Bring me to the place where my life is poured out as a sacrificial offering of praise to You the One who freely and fully gave Your life for me without hesitation and reservation. You are my Master and I am Your slave. Help me to surrender daily to Your Lordship over my life. May my response to everything that You say to me be 'let it be done to me according to Your Word.'

Bring me to the place in everything I look to You as an utterly dependent child who can do nothing without You. Help me to acknowledge You in everything so that You may direct my paths and make them straight. Open my ears to hear Your voice and give me a soft sensitive obedient heart to do whatever You say. Help me to trust You completely even when what You are saying seems like utter nonsense to my natural mind. Give me the faith to stand still until I hear You say move. When You say move help me walk in Your way not turning from it for anything or anyone. I am tired of living a life that I can explain or that makes sense. Jesus, I ask You to live Your resurrected life in and through me that my life shows forth the reality of God in this broken and fallen world. Amen!!!

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