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You, Jesus: The Greatest and Most Worthy (Prayer Journal 189)

Father, in the mighty and matchless name of Your holy Son Jesus, I bless and praise You for You alone are God. You are the only One worthy. You are more amazing and awesome than I am able to ever know. You sit on Your throne in the heavens and Your Kingdom rules over all. You sit in unapproachable light and have set Your glory above the heavens. You sit so infinitely above and beyond the universe that You created that our human minds are not able to comprehend it. You have to stop down to look upon the heavens and the earth.

Humanity will never be able to search out the heights, depths, width, and breadth of what You created, and yet Your creation has a limit. Your Word declares that You measure the universe with the span of Your hand. Unlike Your creation You are infinite, inexhaustible, and immeasurable. The heavens, even the highest heavens, cannot contain You. Heaven is Your throne, and the earth is Your footstool. There is no dwelling place that man could build, physically or in the construct of our minds, to contain or constrain You. You are incomprehensible as You cannot be fully known or understood. You are inscrutable for Your ways are past finding out. All these things are true and more wonderful than I could ever know.

Jesus, it blows my mind that You, the eternal Son of God, shared glory with the Father from before the foundation of the world. You are the One through whom all things in heaven and earth were made. You are the high King of heaven and yet You left You throne in heaven to come down to the earth. You left from the worship of angels to come down to rebellious and sinful humanity. And you did not come down to pour Your wrath out on us and condemn us for our sin but to save us. You, the image of the invisible God, came to earth in the image of sinful humanity, though You were without sin, to pay the penalty for humanity's sin.

Thank You for being the atoning sacrifice for our sin through Your death on the cross and making new and eternal life possible through Your resurrection from the dead. There is no one like You and no one who has done for me what You have done. By grace through faith in Your name, You have forgiven my sin, given me the gift of righteousness, indwelled me with Your Spirit, and given me eternal life. You are the only One who is worthy of my life. The reality is I do not need anyone else. Bring me to the place where I do not want anyone else. That I may sing with all sincerity that 'you can have all this world just give me JESUS!' In light of who You are and all that You have done for me may my only reasonable response be the daily surrender of all that I am to You without compromise, hesitation, and reservation.

Jesus, You are seated in the highest place and there is a day coming soon when all will confess the truth of who You are, and the Father will be truly glorified. Amen!

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