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Embracing God's Will

Father, there are so many of us, Your children, who are having a hard time accepting Your will because things are going differently than we expected. I pray that you would minister to us and help us to see our circumstances with an eternal perspective. Help us to see that everything that happens in our lives has been sifted through Your loving hands. God, You demonstrated Your love towards us in this that while we were yet sinners Jesus died for us. In doing so, You have reconciled us to Yourself and we now belong to You - the One our hearts long for. You did all this for us when we were only deserving of Your wrath for our rebellion and sin. In light of who You are and what You've done for us bring each of Your children to the place where we in full surrender say, 'Not to us but to Your name be the glory!' In Jesus' name. Amen!!!

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