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God, Help Us to Make Christ the Issue as We Navigate the Issues in This World! (Prayer Journal 151)

Father, in Jesus' name, give us spiritual discernment and wisdom for the things that we are experiencing, hearing, and seeing. Are we rightly dividing the Word of truth when it comes to what is going on in the world? Or is the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God being muddied with political and social agendas? God, I recognize that I see in a glass darkly and that I have blind spots. I know that I have not arrived, and neither am I perfect. And this is true for my brother and sisters in Christ as well.

God, some of the messages from people who profess to follow Jesus leave Your children of different colors, ethnicities, nationalities, and political preferences feeling like we are divided rather than one unified body in Christ. Followers of Jesus are set apart as Your people in this world by the truth. Your Word is truth. Jesus, the Word made flesh, is the truth. How is it that we claim to be proclaiming truth when we pick and choose from God's Word, when we fail to point people to Jesus, and when we fail to live in a way that reflects Him in this world? Have we allowed the pressing social issues and our desire to win the culture wars to get in the way of us taking Jesus to a world that desperately needs Him? We are often more concerned with being right on the issues than seeing people made right with You through faith in Jesus Christ. Have we forgotten that You have reconciled us to Yourself and called us to be Christ's ambassadors?

God, bring us to the place where we know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified among those that You send us to. For Jesus alone is the answer for all that ails this world. Here in the U.S., we act as if whoever sits in the White House controls our fate and the destiny of nations. Have we forgotten that Your throne is established in the heavens and Your Kingdom rules over all? You are the Sovereign LORD who is fulfilling Your will and purpose in the earth no matter what the evil one is doing and how rampant sin becomes. You have ordained the end from the beginning and there is a day coming when You will make everything new at the return of Jesus. What our hearts long for He will bring, and it will be infinitely more glorious than anything that we can accomplish or even imagine.

God, prepare us to take the pure unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those that You send us to. Empty us of our opinions and thoughts that contradict Your Word. Anoint and use us to give people Jesus only! Do not let us get caught up endorsing political agendas but proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom which is not in word only but in power. For the gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe.

Show us our hidden faults, our secret sins, our presumptuous sins, and our willful sins. Move us to confess and repent of them. Expose every false god and idol that we have bowed down to in our hearts. Lead us to renounce them all and to tear down every altar that we have built up to worship them. Bring us to the place where there is only one altar to You the true and living God upon which we give ourselves fully to You. May we avail ourselves to You. Anoint and use us to preach the Word of God to the Church in the United States of America and the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost among the nations. Do whatever You must to prepare us to be Christ's ambassador in this generation. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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