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God, I Am Wretched But Your Grace is Glorious! (Prayer Journal 109)

Father, I know that I am so wretched, love this world too much, and do not deserve Your love. Just today I have sought satisfaction and overindulged this body with food and drink, been a poor steward over time and financial resources, been selfish and unloving towards my wife and kids, and worried about the future. In all these things I have sinned greatly against You and ask for forgiveness and for You to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I have been more concerned with the affairs of men in the world rather than eternal matters that pertain to Your Kingdom and glory.

God, why did You choose me to be Yours and to partner with You in Your eternal purpose when I so often choose to love the world which Jesus died and rose from the dead to free me from? You have made it possible for me to sit at Your banqueting table of love and yet I am often crawling on the ground eating the scraps left for the dogs. You have given me a right standing with You through faith in Jesus Christ and adopted me into Your family as a dearly loved child. Yet too often I keep living like I am a slave to sin and a captive to the devil. Continue to remind me of who I am in Christ and the truth that You've delivered me from the dominion of darkness, transferred me into the Kingdom of Your dear Son, redeemed me by the blood of Jesus, and forgiven all of my sin.

God, I do not have an excuse not to live for You. For You have not left me alone to figure things out, pull myself up by my boot straps, or muster up the power, in and of myself, to live for You. You have given me the Holy Spirit! Do not let me keep preaching Your Word while failing to live Your Word as I give in to the lusts of my flesh. Help me to daily put on Christ and fight with the spiritual weapons that You've given me.

Jesus, I am often hiding but the truth is You see everything. It does not matter if my wife, kids, or others see. For You see not just the things that I do but the motivations of my heart. Everything that I do is to be done for the glory of God. I confess that I do most things because I want to, how they make me feel, and how it makes me look before others. I rarely do things for Your glory and the benefit of others. I am not fit to live nor know You and have eternal life. I so deserve the wrath of God to be poured out on me. Why did You come into this world to live a sinless life of obedience to the Father and die on the cross to be the atoning sacrifice for my sin? I often treat You and what You've done for me with contempt.

God, I do not see sin, especially mine, as heinous and wicked as it really is in light of Your holiness. As my sin grieves Your Holy Spirit, bring me to the place where my sin grieves my heart. Produce a godly sorrow in me over my sin that leads me to repent. Break me from excusing, justifying, minimizing, and blaming others for my sin. I am so tired of comparing myself with others who like me fall short of the glory of God and need Jesus. Give me a fresh vision of how much You hate my sin as the full measure of Your wrath was poured out on Jesus as He who knew no sin became sin. Give me a fresh vision of how much you truly love me as You demonstrated You love towards us in this that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Help me to look to You, the Holy One, to see how infinitely far I fall short while beholding Jesus and seeing how infinitely radical Your amazing grace truly is.

God, help me to properly appropriate Your grace in my life as I say no to sin. Make me a man of authenticity and integrity who lives for You my audience of One. Help me to do everything that I do as unto You and not unto men for my reward and inheritance is from the Lord Jesus Christ. Grow me daily in knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and the fear of the Lord as I see You more clearly. The devil is constantly lying to make me think that I am disqualified because of my sin. Open my eyes to see myself as one that You have qualified in Jesus Christ. I have moments when I let go of You (give up on You). Yet I am so thankful that You have never let go (given up on me) and You never will. Thank You for the good work that You've begun in me You will bring to completion on the day of Jesus Christ. Help me to work out my salvation with fear and trembling for it is You who works in me to give me the desire and power to do what pleases You. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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