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God, May Our Lives Align With Our Lips! (Prayer Journal 37)

Father, in Jesus' name, thank You for Your patience and faithfulness to me. I feel like I waste so many days doing what I want rather than Your will. Instead of pursuing You and fulfilling Your purpose I am drifting on the current of this world and giving in to the desires of my sinful flesh. God, why is it that I am so often taking a break on You, distracted by the devil, and lulled to sleep? God I need You!

God, thank You that You have sealed me with the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption (when Jesus returns and makes everything new). Lord Jesus, I so often lose my grip and let go of You and I am so thankful that You never let go of me. I so often take my eyes off of You yet Your gaze never breaks from me. My mind, sadly, is often filled with thoughts other than and contrary to You and yet I am always on Your mind. I am at times faithless but You are ever faithful for You cannot deny Yourself.

God, I so hate my lukewarm heart and attitude towards You yet I am unable to turn my heart away from sin and worldliness to You. Please God I am pleading with You to produce a godly sorrow in my heart and lead me to true repentance. I am so tired of my fickle, wishy-washy, half-hearted, apathetic, indifferent, and complacent attitude towards You. You withheld absolutely nothing from me. You gave Your One and only Son, Jesus, who freely gave His life for my sin and was raised from the dead to give me a brand new life and right standing with You, the One and only true and living God. Why am I so often withholding myself fully from You?

God, You are all that I have in this world. Everything else without You is nothing. You are the only reason to live. You are my life. Yet God if I am not living for You and serving Your purpose in the earth then what reason am I here? If this is the case then just bring me to Yourself so that I do not bring dishonor, shame, or reproach to Your great name. Do not let me waste the relationships that You've given, the air that You've provided for me to breath, the health in this body, the sound mind that You've blessed me with, the gifts, talents, time, and treasures that You've entrusted to me.

God, I look around and it seems that everyone seems to love this fallen world more than You, the living God. And honestly that includes me and my brothers and sisters in Christ as well. The world looks at the Church and they think that we are a joke and sadly that is how they seem to feel about You. I can't really seem to blame them when our lives and relationships with You and one another before them does not look much different from theirs.

God, please forgive us for our lips often being near You while our hearts are so far from You. Help us to remember the heights from which we have fallen, to repent of our sin, and to return to You our first love with our whole hearts. Cause us to grieve over our sin, to hate it, and to love righteousness. God, do not let us live another day holding back what rightfully belongs to You - us (Romans 12:1-2).

Jesus, the Church needs You and those without You need You, though they neither acknowledge or know it. To live in this world without You is utter futility and yet so many live this way as they are spiritually dead, lost, and enslaved by sin and satan. Like blind men, they grope in the dark trying to find their way totally devoid of light. Jesus, You are their only hope. And unless we, Your people, allow You to live Your resurrected life in and through us fully then we have absolutely nothing to offer people. Use us, I pray, to take You, Lord Jesus, to them by the lives that we live and the words that we speak. And if that is not the case then bring us home so that we are not aimlessly running this race in vain. In Jesus' name. Amen!!!

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