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God, May You and Your Glory Be Greater Than Me and My Assignment! (Prayer Journal 161)

Father, in Jesus' name, meet me here in this space. Do not let me be distracted from You by things that are infinitely inferior to You. Things that are temporary and have no eternal significance and value. You are eternal, holy, and righteous. You are the Most High God who is the One and only true and living God.

God, You have chosen and called me to have a relationship with You, to be a member of the household of faith, and to play a role in Your Kingdom as it advances in the earth. Please help me to stop comparing myself to others and competing with them in my mind. May I do everything as unto You, to please You, and to give You glory. Bring me to the place where I no longer care what people say and think about me. May all that matters be what You say and think of me.

Do not let the assignment that You have given me become more important to me than You. Use the assignment, along with everything else in my life, to conform me more and more to the image of Christ. For You are continually preparing and using me to partner with You in Your eternal purpose. I need You to minister first to me that I may be one that You can use to minister to Your children and to those who do not know Jesus. My identity is not wrapped up in my assignment but in who I am in Christ. I am a beloved son and worshiper of God. Do not allow me to become a hireling of people but a faithful steward of what You have entrusted to me.

God, may it be true that You have the preeminence, priority, and first place in everything. Bring me back to the heart of worship where it is all about Jesus, where everything revolves around Him. To the place where there are no competitors and no rivals for the throne of my heart. This should be the case for there is no one who infinitely comes close to comparing to You. Do whatever You must to shock my heart and cause it to beat again only for You.

I do not need messages that people want to hear, a vibrant ministry, notoriety, worldly influence, the praise of men, ideal circumstances, more money, more friends, a prominent role and title, vision for the future, or a host of other things that would make me feel better about myself. The truth is that I only need You. You are the all-sufficient One. You need nothing or no one but You and neither do I need anyone or anything but You. With You comes everything that I need for life here in time and for all of eternity. Jesus, You are more than enough for me!

Jesus, when You entered into a place Your presence could not be a secret even when You wanted it to be. You have entered into my life, and may it be evident to those I am around and to those You lead me to. Do it so that people will have an encounter with You through me. By the Spirit, live Your resurrected life in and through me with great power and glory. I do not merely want to share about You with others through my lips but to show them You through my life. Do not let me go places or step into situations that You have not prepared the way and hearts, including mine, for an encounter with Your presence and Your Word. Loose and untie me to carry You to all those that You have assigned me to do so. Amen!!!

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