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God Thanks For Not Giving Up On Me (Prayer Journal - Excerpt 14)

Holy Father, in Jesus name, thank You for Your patience towards me. I know that I am a piece of work. There is so much pride, arrogance, and selfishness in my heart that needs to rooted out. God, if it were not for the truth that You are holding me together then I would surely fall apart and come undone. I am so thankful that You will never give up on me. For I am confident in this that You who began a good work in me will bring it to completion on the day of Jesus Christ.

God, I realize that no one needs to know what I think or have to say about issues in our world. We all need to be pointed to Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet I so want people to notice me, to be thought of as someone who is special or important, to be known, to be liked, and to be popular. I confess that to You, God, for it is sinful. O God, by Your Spirit, help me to put that to death so that You may truly live Your life through me and glorify Your name.

Father, keep me in obscurity if that is what will keep me humble before Your holy presence and dependent upon You. Do not let me have a place of great influence and prominence if I am going to be a glory stealer desirous of praise that is rightfully Yours. Please keep me from preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to make a name for myself or peddling it for a profit.

God, I am a man in my late 40's who deep down inside is still a little boy longing for my earthly father, who passed 4 years ago, to notice me and say 'that is my son'. Father, I am so grateful that You've adopted me into Your family as a son and lavished Your love upon me. I am thankful for the road that You've led me on and the way that You've taken me. Thank You for every twist and turn, every hardship and success, the highs and the lows, and the affliction and comfort. Thank you for wonderful wife and kids that You have blessed me with who are tangible expressions of Your mercy and grace to me.

God, thank You for not completely removing my struggle with insecurity for I am constantly reminded that I need You. I am constantly reminded that apart from Christ that I am not enough. But You, God, are more than enough. There is nothing that is too hard or impossible for You and You make all things possible to the one who believes. I believe that You are at work in my life, yet help my unbelief.

God, take me and throw me in the deep waters of intimacy with You. For if you do not then I will not venture there on my own. I'll inch out little by little only to turn back when I think that I am no longer in control. God, please help me to release the reins of my life completely to You. So that I am no longer managing the ride but fully surrendering to You to take me wherever You want me to go. My life is not my own to You I belong so help me to give myself to You. For You have purchased me at a high price by the blood of Jesus Christ and my body is now a temple of Your Holy Spirit. Please forgive me for holding back from You what is rightfully Yours.

God, bring me to the place where everything in my life outside of Jesus is nothing to me and Jesus is absolutely everything to me. Remind me of the heights from which I have fallen, lead me to repent of my sin, and cause me to return to You my first love with my whole heart. I want You to have the preeminence, priority, and first place only in my life, marriage, family, and ministry. Teach me and help me to continually live in Your presence and to be in constant communion with You in everything that I do.

God, I am Your bondservant may what You've planned for me be done in accordance with Your Word. Bring me to the place that whether I eat or drink or whatever I do that I do to the glory of God. Cause Your will and purpose to be fulfilled to, in, and through my life as You use me to build up and strengthen my brothers and sisters in Christ and lead those who are without hope and God to the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus' name, Amen!

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