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God, You Are All That I Need. Bring Me to The Place Where I Desire You More Than Anyone or Anything Else. (Prayer Journal 175)

God, You are everything that I need. So why is it that I keep searching for something else as if You are not enough? You are the only One who can truly satisfy me and yet leave me hungering for more of You at the same time. I have tasted and seen that You are good. May that taste cause me to want a new taste each and every day of my life. I do not want to live off of yesterday's manna when You give a new supply each and every day. Jesus, You are the true bread from heaven, given by the Father, that gives life to the world. Through faith in Your name, I have a seat at Your banquet table and access to Your ever flowing fountain of pure water that brings eternal life.

Jesus, there is no one or nothing else that comes close to offering anything infinitely close to what You have given to me. So, it is utterly foolish for me not to eat and drink daily from what You have afforded me. When I do not it is because I have willingly chosen to do so. You never force me to choose You. But You give me the choice to daily surrender myself to You in light of Your goodness, grace, mercy, and love freely given to me. Bring me to the place, like the Apostle Peter, that going to anyone or anything else is not an option.

God, forgive me for desiring so many other things in my heart more than You. That is idolatry and I acknowledge how utterly sinful and wicked that it is. Lead me to true repentance. I am so tired of often wanting what You have for me more than just wanting You. Perhaps that is why I have been in the wilderness walking around the same mountain over and over again. I've been here way too long. But the truth is that I cannot stop this cycle. If You do not step in and break this cycle then I am going to die failing to walk in the promises of God for my life, marriage, family, and ministry.

God, I know that the devil is a liar and even right now he is trying to distract me from You with disappointment and discouragement. Perhaps that is a sign that I am on the verge of a breakthrough and that the enemy is so afraid of who I am becoming in Christ. he desires for me to back up and quit before I come into the realization of what You have destined for me in Christ. Help me to submit to You, to resist the devil so that he will flee. Thank You that the One, Jesus, who is in me is greater than he, satan, who is in the world. Jesus has delegated His authority to me and given me power over all the power of the enemy.

Help me to live the rest of the days that You have given me here on earth for You, Your glory, the building of Your Kingdom as I do You will. May Jesus be the goal of my life as everyday gets brighter and brighter until the day that I see Him face to face and am fully in Your presence. Jesus is my hope, and I will not be disappointed. For I am convinced that none of the following will keep me from You: shattered dreams; broken relationships; my inadequacy, incompetency, and utter inability; people's thoughts and opinions of me; my economic status; my lack of knowledge and understanding; the devil and his demons; sin; the flesh, this fallen world; and even death. There is absolutely nothing that will keep me from You! I am so grateful that the good work that You began in me that You will bring to completion on the day of Christ Jesus. Amen!!!

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