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Jesus Came To Serve Us So That We May Serve God and His Purposes!!! (Prayer Journal 124)

Father, in Jesus' name, I bless and praise You my God and King. You are the Sovereign King who is all knowing, all powerful, and free to do whatever You choose. There is no one who can block, hinder, stop, or thwart Your will and purpose from coming to pass. You are in absolute control over all creation and for all of eternity. You are the One who has ordained the end from the beginning. You are the Promise Keeper for Your word that goes forth from Your mouth does not return to You empty but accomplishes what You please and prospers in the place to where You send it.

God, You cause all things to happen, and You hold all things together. There are no things that are randomly happening in this world that You have made. You are threading all things together to bring about a beautiful mosaic out of what appears to us, in the natural realm, to be sheer chaos and utter confusion. You are omnibenevolent (all good). You are not the source of evil and neither are You in partnership with it. Yet somehow and for some reason, You allow evil in Your creation and even use it to bring about Your righteous purposes - such as the death of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world.

God, I am unable to fathom Your greatness or the ways in which You work to bring about Your sovereign purposes. You are incomprehensible for You cannot be fully known nor understood. You are inscrutable for Your ways are past finding out by mere mortals. I ask You for greater knowledge and understanding of who You are and for You to teach me Your ways. Keep me humble before You. For no matter how much knowledge and understanding that I have of You and Your ways there is still an infinite gap between who I know You to be and who You really are. You are infinite and I am finite. You alone are God and I am not. You are the Creator of all things visible and invisible, in heaven and in the earth, and I, along with every other human being, am created by You.

God, thank You for creating us, human beings, in Your image and likeness so that we could commune with You and rule over Your creation as Your representatives. Though that image was broken and marred by our sin (our desire to live for our own selfish desires rather than Your will and purpose) which led to the loss of both our fellowship with You and dominion in the earth. Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, the image of the invisible God, in the image of sinful humanity (yet He was without sin) to renew the image of God in us. Jesus, You did this through Your life of sinless obedience to the Father, Your substitutionary death to satisfy God's wrath for our sins, Your resurrection from the dead, ascension to heaven where You now sit at the Father's right hand, and the sending of the Holy Spirit so that all those who trust in You may live a brand-new life pleasing to God.

God, by Your amazing grace and faith in Your Son Jesus I am now Your masterpiece recreated to do good works that You have prepared in advance for me. Help me to be faithful in the hidden, mundane, and ordinary things of life doing everything as unto You and not unto people. Forgive me for the times that I have thought of myself as being too important to do certain things or for certain people. For You, Jesus, the King of glory left Your holy throne in heaven, where You were ceaselessly worshiped by angels, to come to the earth where Your were blasphemed by people who deserve Your wrath to serve us by dying on the cross for our sin and rebellion. Rid me of my arrogance and pride. Fill me with Your humility so that I may serve You, Your purposes, and others in my generation. Jesus, help me to always be mindful that it is all about You and for Your glory. Amen!

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