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Jesus, Give Us Your Heart and Heal Your Church in Regard to Abortion! (Prayer Journal 130)

Jesus, turn us away from this world as You turn our hearts fully to you. Help us to see things from Your perspective and give us Your heart for people: for preborn babies; for women and men in unplanned pregnancies; for those in governmental positions; for those who oppose us and persecute us for our love and witness for You; and for those who kill preborn babies for financial gain. Grant us Your heart of justice, mercy, love, grace and truth.

Jesus, forgive us for looking to and trusting government and political parties more than we do You to bring life and healing. Break us from wanting to be right on our stance for abortion more than we long to walk with You. Forgive us for wanting to win arguments more than we desire to win people to You by living and preaching the gospel. Forgive us for doing the things that we do in an attempt to atone for the sins of our past when You came to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. Forgive many of us for denying the grace that You've offered us while in our hearts and with our words we condemn others who do what we have done. Forgive us for living in the shadows of our sin, as the wounds from our sin fester, rather than bringing these areas fully to You so that Your precious blood may truly cleanse and purify our lives.

Jesus, give us the courage to take the masks off. Help us to be real with not only You, who knows us perfectly, but with one another. Bring us to the place where there is no more hiding, no more secrets, no more living in silence because we realize that Your grace is indeed greater than our sin. Through Your death on the cross and Your resurrection from the dead You have forgiven our every sin, dissolved the guilt, removed the shame, given us Your righteousness, and a brand-new life. May we be unashamed of the good news of who You are what You've done for it is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe. Use our lives through our testimonies to show others how You have truly saved and transformed our lives. For we once were blind but now we see!

God, move us to confess our sins to You. Move us to confess our sins one to another, to pray for one another that we may be healed. Bring a healing to Pastors and those in positions of leadership in the body of Christ that will lead to the healing of many in the Church. May our local churches be places where Your forgiveness, grace, healing, restoration, and salvation freely flow to every member and through us to this world that desperately needs Jesus. Amen!!!

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