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Jesus, Our World Needs You! (Awaken the Church to Shine in This Hour) (Prayer Journal 123)

Holy Father, in Jesus' name, I ask that You still and silence my heart before Your holy and majestic presence. O God, there is so much evil and wickedness pervading our world, yet You are the Sovereign Lord who is in absolute and total control over everything that happens. Jesus, I ask for a mighty outpouring of Your Holy Spirit on the earth that touches every nation causing multitudes to be swept out of the valley of decision into the Kingdom of God. This world needs You for there is salvation in no one else.

There is so much division, hatred, murder, and violence that is running rampant in our world. Jesus, so many people needing Your comfort and for You to reveal Yourself to them in the midst of their grief. Pour out Your love and life by the Spirit in the face of death. Pour out the Spirit of joy in the face of overwhelming gloom and sorrow. Cause Your light to shine brightly in the midst of gross darkness. Loose Your hope in the face of hopelessness and despair. Only You can take evil acts and intentions, turn them around for the good of people and the glory of God, and use them for the saving of many lives. YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE!!!

Jesus, awaken the Church, Your followers, and stir us up to pray. Help to love righteousness and to hate wickedness. Break out hearts with what breaks Yours. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and compassion for the broken, downtrodden, hurting, lost, suffering, wounded, and spiritually dead all around us. Send us out in the power of Your Spirit to carry You, Your presence and words, to others who need You even as we do. Forgive us for thinking that we are able to solve the problems in the world without You and then trying to do it. Bring us to the place where we realize that apart from You we can truly do nothing. In the face of overwhelming circumstances, may we be a people completely dependent on You and greatly confident in You knowing that You are with us to accomplish the task You have given to us.

God, gird us up for battle in Your powerful armor. The battles that we face are not ours but Yours. In Christ, we already possess victory as You have disarmed powers and authorities and made a public spectacle of them through the cross. Send us out as Your warriors yielded to your authority as You anoint and use us to wield Your authority against the forces of darkness unleashed in the earth. Thank You for always leading us in the victorious procession of Christ and through us spreading the knowledge of Him in every place. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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