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Jesus, You Are Our King! (Prayer Journal 117)

Jesus, we ask You to awaken the Church in this hour. Forgive us for worshiping the government above and before You. Forgive us for publicly supporting and defending politicians and policies, on both sides of the political aisle, that make a mockery of You by their hypocrisy or by agreeing with narratives that contradict and deny the clear teachings of scripture. We have been lulled to sleep to think that our power comes from politics when You, our King, told Pilate that Your Kingdom is not of this world. After being raised from the dead, You declared that You have all authority in heaven and earth. You have delegated that authority to Your Church to make disciples of all nations - not to alienate people by politics. Shake us from our slumber and sober us from the drunkenness of this world.

Jesus, bring us to the place where we truly have a godly sorrow in our souls for bending our knees and giving our allegiance to people and political parties that pale in comparison to You and Your eternal Kingdom. Produce repentance in us that leads us to living and looking more like You in this fallen world. As we truly repent, would You revive us again. Then would You work to, in, and through us to bring forth a great spiritual awakening to our nation and the world. May we be a people who live in obedience to the Word of God, in surrender to the Lordship of Jesus, and are filled with Your Holy Spirit.

Jesus, do not let us be dependent on human strength and worldly ideologies but solely on You. No matter what it looks like in the world, we live in Your victory as You have overcome the world. Thank You Your Spirit and You have promised to be with us until the end of this evil age. Open the doors for us to share the grace and truth of who You are with more people than ever before. Empower us with Your Spirit to use everything that You have entrusted to us to show forth the reality of who You are through our lips and lives.

God, we know that You do not need us. But we are blown away that You have chosen us in Christ and want to use us. Help us to fully avail ourselves unto You for Your name to be glorified, Your Kingdom purposes to be fulfilled, and Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Prepare us to be a people who stand on the truth of the gospel and its implications even in the face of opposition and persecution. Break that in us that fears and wants to please man. Teach us the fear of the Lord and make our sole motivation to bring You glory and please You in all things. Draw us close to You, grant us wisdom, and lead us to Your heart so that we can share Your heart with those that You send us to. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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