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Jesus, You Are the Greatest Gift! (Prayer Journal 171)

Father, thank You for the greatest gift ever when You sent Your Son Jesus into the world to save us. It is amazing to think that the eternal Son of God would enter into the world as a preborn baby who was conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit. It is beyond our capacity to fathom that the One who the heavens, even the highest heavens, cannot contain would put all of your deity in humanity beginning as a zygote, being knit together in Mary's womb, and progressing to a full-grown man.

Jesus, You would come into this world, that was made through You, never ceasing to be God while clothing Yourself in humanity. You are the image of the invisible God and You would come into this world in the image of sinful humanity. Yet You would be without sin. Moses could not see the glory of God lest he die but You would come in a manner that we could behold Your glory. You the One who shared glory with the Father from before the foundation of the world. You left Your throne in heaven to come into this world of corruption and decay caused by all of humanity's sins against God. Yet Your coming was not to pour out God's wrath upon us for our sins but to save us from it.

Jesus, You would be born without sin and lived on earth in perfect obedience to the Father all the way to Your death upon the cross. You would be the substitutionary sacrificial offering for the sins of the world. Cause us to be blown away and left in awe by who You are and what You have done to reconcile us to God. You willingly exchanged the worship of angels in heaven for the blasphemy and wrongful judgement of men upon earth who killed You, the Lord of glory. Yet You were raised from the dead on the third day. Now the forgiveness of sins and eternal life are gifts available from God for all those who place their faith in Your great name.

Father, thank You for the indescribable gift of Jesus! Amen.

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