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Jesus, Your Light is Infinitely Greater Than the Darkness in This World! (Prayer Journal 143)

Father, in Jesus' name, thank You for watching over and protecting my family. I do not ever want to take that for granted in this world where murder and senseless killings are the prevalent headlines on the daily news. There are so many across this nation and around the world grieving today the tragic deaths of family members, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, co-workers, classmates, and preborn children (who sadly are not viewed and treated as precious human lives in the earliest developmental stages). I pray for Your comfort for those who are grieving and that Your light would shine brightly in this present darkness. This world would be an absolutely frightening place if it were not for the reality of Your presence with Your people and the truth that at the right time You will bring everything together under the authority of Christ.

Jesus, from the outward appearances of things, it would seem like the devil is winning. Yet You have disarmed powers and principalities making a public spectacle of them through the cross. It was through Your death that You might destroy the one who holds the power of death - the devil. You defeated death and rose victoriously from the grave on the third day. Now we who trust in You declare, 'Death where is Your sting and grave where is Your victory.' Thanks be to God for the victory that we have in You. Thank You for coming to give us life and nullify the devil's plans for us.

God, pour out Your Spirit, like a torrential rain, upon the earth. Cause the life of Christ to overwhelm death, the light of Christ to push back the darkness, the hope of Christ to drive out hopelessness and despair, the love of Christ to drive out hatred, the good news of Christ to overrule the bad news of the world. Use me as Your Kingdom agent in this broken and fallen world. Break my heart with what breaks Yours. Help me to weep over sin, beginning with it in my own life, in this world. Help me to hate what You hate and to love what You love. Fill my heart with compassion, mercy, love, justice, and truth. Do not let me sit idle on the sidelines while multitudes are dying daily, many without the hope of eternal life. Help me to see the multitudes as You do and for the love of Christ to compel me to do something.

God, You see the anguish in people's hearts and hear their cries. Bring a great deliverance and salvation to many. I avail myself to You. I am an ambassador of Christ - a minister and messenger of reconciliation. The enemy is using many things to distract me and my brothers and sisters in Christ. Help us to keep our minds stayed on You as You keep us in perfect peace. May we be a people whose trust is solely in You. Help us in everything and at all times to give You the preeminence, priority, and first place only. Bring us to the place where our incomparable love for You and love for people are the greatest and most important things in our lives.

Do not let us play it safe by staying on the comfortable shores seeking to avoid storms that may arise. May we get in the boat (on mission with You), at Your command, knowing that You will safely bring us to the other side. Thank You for shedding Your love abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Cause Your love to overflow out of our hearts and lives to those that You send us to. Give people an encounter with Jesus through us such that when we speak, they hear Your Words and as we live, they see Your life. As You work in and through our lives by the Spirit cause great multitudes to come out of the valley of decision into Your glorious Kingdom. In Jesus' name, Amen!!!

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