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Why We Call Today Good Friday!

Today is the day that followers of Jesus call Good Friday. Yet it was anything but good for the original followers of Jesus. For they thought that He was headed to Jerusalem to establish the Kingdom of God and deliver Israel from the oppression of Rome. And yet they see the Christ, the Son of the Living God, crucified on a Roman cross. This was the worst day of their lives!

They were longing for deliverance in this physical world. Yet the eternal Son of God had left His throne in heaven, where He shared glory with the Father, to come into this world as a man to die for the sin and rebellion of the entire human race. He would suffer the wrath of God as He bore our sin on that cross. Jesus did this to make it possible for people of every nation, people group, tribe, and tongue to be forgiven of their sins and to have an eternal relationship with God who is Holy by believing in Him (who He is and what He has done).

If Jesus death on our behalf were the end of the story then it would be Bad Friday. For sin and death would have overcome Him and His sacrifice would have accomplished nothing for us. But Sunday was coming and Jesus wouldn't need Joseph of Arimathea's borrowed tomb for long!

This is why we can call the darkest moment in human history Good Friday. The disciples had no idea of what God was doing as their entire worlds seemed to be falling apart on that Friday as Jesus hung on the cross. May we remember this in these dark days that we are living in. Let's trust God that He is fulfilling His purposes in the world today despite what our eyes see and our heart feels. As the song 'Way Maker' says about God 'that even when I don't see it You're working and even when I don't feel it You're working. You never stop, You never stop working!'

God bless!!!

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